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I never crafted little men or animals out of paper mache while in kindergarten.  One day i had to try it out.  When i combined it with my love for history, strange objects, old devices, absurd humour and animation films, recycle paper mache was born.
As the name already suggests: all sculptures are made from recycled stuff and paper mache.


The paper mache is done exactly the same way as in kindergarten.  Smearing wallpaper paste on old newspaper or cardboard and sticking layer onto layer till you get a little fellow (no idea if there is also going to be a little misses in the future).

The recycled stuff can really be anything: the plastic sheath of a pen, metal ribs of an umbrella, rusted bicycle gears, old bicycle headlights, …
There is one condition: the object has to be broken, worn out or unwanted.  In other words: if I wouldn’t use it in a sculpture, it would go straight to the evergrowing garbage dump.  I will never dismantle a device; for example, a working clock, radio or record player; that still functions properly for its parts.  It would be a total waste of the history that’s behind something so old.  I obtain all my stuff from friends, family, acquaintances and … the flea market!

Objects are sought together to form unique devices.  Different kind of weird characters are made up to be using them.  They seem to have come straight out of the past.  When the sculptures are finished, their own background history is further fantasized.  This is written down in their own unique story.

Every sculpture is unique, and no reproductions are made. 
I also don’t do commissions because it limits my artistic freedom.  
I just love to let my imagination run wild.

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