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Flashing Jack

As a young boy Jack was always the first one who wanted to be on the yearly family picture. Standing in the front and putting up his biggest smile was his ultimate pleasure. 
When camera’s became available for the public he could be found behind instead of in front of the camera. 
Always having his beloved Kodak Instamatic camera with him and an eye for news and details he quickly became the number 1 reporter of the local newspaper. 
He always used his trusted flash powder lamp for creating the best possible light for his pictures.  Because of the constant flashes the whole neighborhood witnessed, he quickly got the nickname flashing Jack. 
As time went by he wanted to be even more faster and better at taking photographs and became totally obsessed with it. 
One day he saw an advertisement in the newspaper of an inventor that had developed a prototype of an electrical camera with an everlasting battery who was looking for test subjects.  Jack didn't hesitate and immediately made an appointment. 
He was so thrilled with the prototype that he even implanted it into his body so that he could never forget it and could always take that one picture that was even better than the previous one.


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