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Air mechanical service monsier Mauricee

Little Maurice lived in a little town in the department of Pas-de-Calais, France.  His father was a watch and clock maker.  He could always be found beside his father’s work bench.  Fascinated as he was by all the mechanics, gears and the craftmanship that were necessary to make those things work.
When Maurice grew up he went to Paris to become an engineer.  He quickly became the number one top student who was widely recognized for his extraordinary talent by the teaching staff.
His talent came to the ears of major technological companies.  During his second year he was approached by a lot of company executives in order to recruit him to become a part of their top engineer staff.  Maurice turned them all down.  Except one.  This was a company that claimed that their goal was not to make profit, but to improve the well being of humans and animals.
This was something Maurice could relate to.  The designs he made were solely for improving the world and had to be affordable for everyone, rich or poor, anywhere in the world.

When Maurice arrived at the company, the engineer staff thought it was just a big joke.  Such a young boy assigned to their group?  They made him do all the stupid tasks. But what Maurice hated the most was that they always called him “boy” and never by his real name.  When he finished his design of the suitcase heliocopter, it became the number one selling succes of the company. 
His star flew sky high in the company.  He took revenge on his colleagues by making them call him “monsieur Maurice” to give him the respect he deserved.

It was only a year later, when his proud parents wanted to buy the suitcase heliocopter, that he found out about the riduculous high price at what it was being sold.
This was totally the opposite of what was promised to him.  Maurice argued endlessly with the direction, but the result however was the same.  Unfortunately for Maurice, the contract that he had signed in good faith, stipulated that all his designs we’re the intellectual property of the company. Maurice was totally disgusted. The company knew that if things we’re to keep going like this they would loose their goose with the golden eggs. The board decided to go so far as to put Maurice under house arrest and full surveillance.  With his technological knowledge escaping his guards unnoticed was no big deal for him.  Maurice went off the grid.  He is now a fugitive searched by a lot of technological companies and even governments.  He is put on a secret wanted list.  Occasionally he pops up at random places all over the world.  Helping people with repairs, upgrades, adjustments and sometimes even rescuing people.
If you have a mechanical problem and you have no one to turn to, if you can find him, maybe you can hire Air Mechanical Service monsieur Maurice.

Well no … you don’t find him … he finds you.


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