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Francis -

Proud member of the flying butler association

             Dear Lord Edmund,

What is a common problem among your Lordships? Cold tea!
Going for a walk around your estate the need for a nice cup of tea rises often.
You ask your butler, who is currently holding an umbrella above your head (typical English weather), to go back to the mansion and brew a nice cup of chinese gunpowder tea.
While you see your butler running of, you take a seat under a pergola to find shelter for the rain.  You enjoy the scenery around you. 
At long last your butler is back from his little expedition.
But when you take a sip of your tea it's already ice cold!
Do you often experience a similar situation?
Then we have the perfect solution for you ! 
Your butler can join our "Flying Butler Assocation". We are a group of butlers who take their job very seriously and want to take it to the next level.
We can equip and educate your butler in the art of "the flying butler" and make sure you will be served anywhere and anytime with a pefect brewed cup of tea right on temperature!

               Yours sincerely,

               The Flying Butler Assocation


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