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Charlie - Everyone's  favourite android pall !

Are you drawn to quieter moments and prefer a companion who isn't overly talkative? Introducing Charlie, the Android designed for those who appreciate solitude and a more subdued company.

Charlie is the first of his kind—a versatile Android friend from the Recycle Paper Mache factories. Tailor his personality to match your mood, choosing from various available options. Need an icebreaker for uncomfortable conversations? Charlie boasts a repertoire of over 1,000 jokes stored in his memory banks.

Ideal for outdoor adventures, Charlie stands tall at 2 meters and weighs a sturdy 200 kilos. Carrying luggage, tents, and camping gear is effortless for him, thanks to his robust build. His specialized leg structure enables him to scale hills effortlessly without the risk of toppling over on slopes.

Notice the antenna on his head? That's our patented uni-receiver, allowing Charlie to tune into your favorite radio station from anywhere across the globe.

Worried about running out of energy? Fear not—Charlie comes equipped with a rechargeable battery designed to last an entire week, ensuring he's always ready for your company

Get yourself a new best friend … Buy yourself a Charlie !


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