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Charlie - Everyone's  favourite android pall !

Are you feeling lonely because you don’t really have friends?

Are you more of an introvert type that enjoys silent moments?

You don’t like loud and talkative persons? 
Then straight from the Recycle Paper Mache factories we have Charlie ! 
He’s our first Android who will become man’s best Android friend. You can choose between different personalities depending on your own mood. 
For breaking the ice during uncomfortable conversations with other people he has over 1,000 jokes programmed on his hard drive. 
He is also the ideal partner for camping trips. With a height of 2 metres and weighing around 200 kilos walking around with lugage, tents and other camping material is no big deal for him.

Outfitted with a special leg structure he can climb hills easily and not topple over at slopes. 
As you can clearly see, he has an antenna on his head. This is our specially patented uni-receiver so that Charlie can tune in on your favourite radio station anywhere in the world.

Also you don’t have to be scared that Charlie will run out of energy. He is equiped with a battery that can be recharged eternally and will last for a week! 

Get yourself a new best friend … Buy yourself a Charlie !


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