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Monsieur Blitz c'est Chique and his "Stuzzi" Automobile

“C’est Chique” is a strange family name but it originates from the family business.
The “C’est Chique” family made their fortune with designing, producing and selling golden buttons in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  As everyone knows, a costume or a dress isn’t “chique” without a decent set of golden buttons.  The Durond family took so much pride in their nickname that they officially made it their new family name. 
Monsieur Blitz was one of the descendants of this rich family.
He always proudly wore his black coat with his family’s golden buttons whenever he went out.  Not that he did often … get out. People that didn’t know him well would mistake him for a strange and asocial man.  Others would say that he had a mental disorder and would call him a hypochonder.
But was it so wrong to find the outside world filthy and full of unhealthy and even lethal germs? 
His house on the other hand was cleaned and desinfected every day. If he had to go out, mostly for the family business, then at least the duration had to be as short as possible.  For that he bought the “STUZZI automobile”.  A fully electrical car that accellerated to 120 Km/hour in 7 seconds.  Also important was that it didn’t produce any toxic gasses that he could breath in.  Every day in and out he wore his customized glasses and his red scarf.  He had two customized glasses that had only one eye opening left and the other right with a glass in it.  Strange?  Not really.  He was just afraid that his eyes would get worse too fast.  With these glasses he only used one eye at the time and every day he would change between them.  His red scarf is totally worn out from wearing it from his childhood till now.
In his mind without it he would definitely get a fever or a cold.
One day he was making his appearance at the international button convention at the family stand.  Not that he wanted to go, but his family insisted that he had to be there at least an hour.  Also present at that stand we’re the Smith family.  They we’re a family with a rich tailor history that went all the way back to the great great grandfather.  Mr. and mrs. Smith sole purpose at the convention was obtaining an ordering license for the very exclusive c’est chique golden buttons. Their daughter Isolde was also there but she had only eyes for that peculiar man with his interesting behaviour.  She wasn’t a tailor but a psychologist.  When the deal was made between the families, she volunteered to fetch the first batch of golden buttons at monsieur Blitz’s house. Her first visit was of a short duration, but the next visits became longer and longer.  She became more and more interested in monsieur Blitz and he became more and more fond of her.  Finally a person that didn’t find him strange but rather interesting!  She understood him! She even looked good!  It was already at their third “date” that he could bring it up to hold her hand without it sending shivers down his spine.  If things kept going like this, maybe they could even have an intimiate relationship?


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