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Monsieur Blitz c'est Chique and his "Stuzzi" Automobile

The surname "C’est Chique" may sound peculiar, but it stems from the family's historic trade. The "C’est Chique" lineage amassed their wealth through designing, crafting, and selling an array of golden buttons in various shapes and sizes. It was common knowledge that a costume or dress lacked sophistication without the addition of these golden embellishments. The Durond family, proud of their moniker, officially adopted it as their family name.

Monsieur Blitz, a descendant of this prosperous family, always proudly adorned his black coat adorned with the family's signature golden buttons whenever he ventured outside. However, such outings were rare for him. To those unfamiliar with him, he appeared peculiar and reclusive. Some speculated he suffered from a mental disorder, labeling him a hypochondriac.

Yet, was it truly unreasonable to find the outside world teeming with filth and hazardous germs? His home stood as a testament to his obsession with cleanliness and disinfection, meticulously sanitized every day. When necessary outings arose, primarily for family business, he ensured they were as brief as possible. For this purpose, he invested in the "STUZZI automobile," an electric car capable of accelerating to 120 km/hour in 7 seconds, all without emitting any harmful gases he might inhale.

Consistently, he wore his customized glasses and a worn-out red scarf, part of his daily attire since childhood. The glasses were specially designed, each with a single functional eye opening, allowing him to alternate eyes to prevent rapid deterioration. The red scarf, in his mind, acted as a protective talisman against fevers and colds.

One fateful day, he attended the international button convention at the family stand, an event his family insisted he attend for at least an hour. Present there were the Smiths, a lineage deeply rooted in tailoring. Mr. and Mrs. Smith aimed to secure an order for the exclusive C’est Chique golden buttons. Isolde, their daughter and a psychologist rather than a tailor, found herself captivated by the enigmatic man with intriguing behaviors—Monsieur Blitz.

As deals were struck between the families, Isolde volunteered to collect the initial batch of golden buttons from Monsieur Blitz's home. Initially brief, her subsequent visits gradually extended. She found herself increasingly intrigued by Monsieur Blitz, and he, in turn, found solace in her understanding and acceptance. Here was someone who perceived him not as peculiar but as interesting and relatable.

With each encounter, their connection deepened. By their third "date," he dared to hold her hand without the usual shivers of trepidation. If this blossoming bond persisted, perhaps they could traverse into a more intimate relationship.


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