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Mario - The magician

Mario was born in a small village nestled in the heart of Sicily, Italy. Raised in a devout Christian household, his upbringing was steeped in religious tradition.

One Christmas season, he caught sight of an old man, clad in a vibrant red suit with a flowing white beard, gracing the television screen. Intrigued, Mario innocently inquired about him, only to witness his parents abruptly switch off the television set.

Persistent in his curiosity, Mario persisted in asking, only to be met with a stern response. His parents painted the figure as a malevolent character, someone who desecrated the sacred essence of Jesus Christ's holy celebration. Confused by this portrayal of the jolly man who bestowed gifts, Mario couldn't reconcile the stark contrast between appearance and character. He harbored a secret desire: to become Santa Claus.

As he matured, Mario followed the path of many from his village, joining the local mafia. With his imposing physique, his initial role was that of a bodyguard for the local capo. Proficient with firearms and adept at blending in despite his appearance, he ascended to become a respected hitman within the ranks of the Cosa Nostra.

The weight of his "hits" weighed heavily on Mario's conscience. Eventually, he made the daring decision to retire from his life of sin and seek redemption. Recalling his childhood aspiration to embody the spirit of Santa, Mario penned a letter to the North Pole, earnestly seeking an internship. A response arrived a week later, politely declining his application after conducting a thorough background check.

Determined to turn his life around, Mario resolved to persuade Santa to grant him a second chance. He dedicated himself to spreading joy as "Mario the Magician." Nightly, he surprised crowds across Sicily with his enchanting magic tricks, leaving them in awe and fits of laughter. His finale involved disappearing into the sky with his homemade contraption, the "Umbrell-O-Copter" (admittedly lacking in originality, but deserving of a name).


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